Urban Fiesta

Globalization brings diverse cultures closer together and influences new design combinations not yet seen. There are multiple cultures in play, but Urban Fiesta designs are specifically impacted by South American patterns and colors, particularly those found in Brazil. A heightened appreciation for dark, rich backgrounds and vibrant colors as one would see in the jungle. Visit our Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

  • Natural textures, flowering cactus, hibiscus andlush greenery are all important visuals.
  • Sweet, natural fruit flavors like mango, banana and pineapple are abundant, as are the lavish tastes of dark chocolate and coffee bean.
  • Wood grains, earthenware and natural rock textures add interest to design. Florals, leaves and animal prints are also essential to this trend.
  • Outdoor celebrations allow the beauty of nature to be part of the setting.
  • Urban Fiesta colors combine earth with fire in a multitude of greens among hues of exotic plant life and fruits.