Cookie Pop Baby Rattles

Cookie Pop Baby Rattles

SIZE: Other (chocolate-coated cookie pops)

1. Prepare your favorite sandwich cookies or use pre-made cookies in two different sizes.

2. Prepare cookies by inserting a candy stick or decorative straw into each. (Tip: If using a decorative straw, you may find it useful to nestle it into cream filling before affixing to the top of the cookie. If using pre-made cookies, disassemble the cookie prior to straw placement. Reassemble after placement, and move on to the next step.)

3. Melt white coating chocolate.

4. Dip each cookie into melted chocolate. For the smaller cookies, sprinkle them with sugar before the chocolate sets.

5. Let cookies set up on a piece of parchment.

6. Use pre-colored chocolate or use candy color in Pink to color white chocolate.

7. Stripe the large cookies with the pink chocolate and attach Dec-Ons® decorations to the large cookies.

Decorating Idea by: Bonnie Lee

Deluxe Baby Assortment Dec-Ons

Deluxe Baby Assortment Dec-Ons

Pack/Size: 144 per box 3/4" - 1 1/4"
Unit: BX