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SIZE: Other(pops)

Chocolate pops make delightful gifts when decorated with Lucks Edible Transfer Sheets for Chocolate!

1. These chocolate pops are made with a plastic sucker mold. Set your chocolate mold on a flat surface.

2. Cut a template the exact size of the bottom of your chocolate mold (the top of the finished chocolate). Use a thin piece of cardboard or something similar for your template.

3. Lay your Edible Transfer Sheets on a flat surface with the shiny/smooth side up. Tip: Make sure the transfer sheet is lying on a clean surface so that the underside remains protected. A piece of parchment paper will work well for this.

4. Use your template and a razor knife to cut circles out of the transfer sheet. Strategically place your template over the places on the pattern that you want to see on top of your chocolate. Place one circle (shiny side down) into each section of you chocolate mold. Make sure that it is lying flat so that no chocolate seeps underneath.

5. Melt your desired amount of chocolate or candy coating. Tip: You can use colored candy coating depending on the transparency of the design.

6. Use either a plastic bag or the pouring method to fill your mold with chocolate.

7. After your chocolate has set, turn your mold upside down and gently tap until the candies fall out. 

8. Gently remove the transfer circles and turn the chocolate pieces upside down onto a piece of parchment.

9. Finish by attaching a pop stick to the back of each piece with some of the melted chocolate.

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol