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Clown Cake Balls
Clown Cake Balls

SIZE: Other (cake balls)

1. Blend cake scraps with buttercream, then shape into balls.

2. Chill thoroughly for easy handling.

3. When balls are chilled, melt enough tinted chocolate or colored candy melts to fill a medium bowl at least halfway. Dip a ball into the melted chocolate to cover; you can either temporarily skewer balls for dipping, or use chocolate dipping tools. Set each ball on parchment to set up.

4. When all balls are set, attach one Dec-Ons® decoration to each using icing or melted chocolate.

5. If desired, attach a couple of quins to the front of each ball as buttons or clown puffs.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

  • Clown Assortment Dec-Ons (46484)
    Clown Assortment Dec-Ons (46484)
    Pack/Size: 140 per box 1 1/2"
    Unit: BX
  • Quins Sequins Bright
    Quins Sequins Bright
    Pack/Size: 3 lb/bx
    Unit: BX