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Gold Liberty Bell Cake
Gold Liberty Bell Cake

SIZE: Other (sculpted)

Let Freedom Ring with this patriotic Liberty Bell cake!

1.    Stack two 8” and two 6” rounds, and carve a bell form. TIP: If you are using a cake recipe that isn’t sufficiently dense to hold the weight of four cakes, assemble as you would a wedding cake, with dowels or straws in the lower layers supporting a cake board holding the upper layers.

2.    Finish the exterior of the cake in either buttercream or fondant (buttercream shown).

3.    Before the icing or the fondant dries, scribe lines around the top and the base of the bell, as shown. Choose the best side of the cake, and then scribe the large crack on the side.

4.    Spray the bell with a generous layer of Lucks Classic Gold Shimmer Airbrush Color. Accent the scribed lines and the crack with Lucks Bronze Shimmer Airbrush Color.

5.    With a fine paint brush, paint an accentuating bit of Bronze Shimmer Airbrush Color inside the crack. Set cake aside.

6.    Search for a copy of the Preamble of the US Constitution on the Internet to find a copy of the calligraphic header.

7.    Roll out a piece of fondant, approximately 18” long and 5” wide.

8.    Reproduce the line “We the People” on the fondant using a black FooDoodler Gourmet Food Decorating Pen. TIP: This thicker pen’s tip has a thick side and a fine point. Use these different dimensions to effect a calligraphic style.

9.    When you are satisfied with the lettering, trim the sides and the ends to achieve a banner look. TIP: It may be easier for you to write before trimming, than to trim and then try to write evenly and in a centered fashion.

10.    Lightly airbrush the banner, more heavily around the edges, using Lucks Liquid Airbrush Colors in Egg Shade and Brown to give an “antiqued” appearance. Let dry for a few minutes.

11.    Finish by draping the banner across the bell.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

  • Classic Gold Shimmer Airbrush Color
    Classic Gold Shimmer Airbrush Color
    Pack/Size: 4 oz bottle
    Unit: EA
  • Bronze Shimmer Airbrush Color
    Bronze Shimmer Airbrush Color
    Pack/Size: 4 oz bottle (43728)
    Unit: EA
  • Egg Shade Premium Airbrush Color
    Egg Shade Premium Airbrush Color
    Pack/Size: 8 oz bottle, (10160)
    Unit: EA
  • Brown Premium Airbrush Color
    Brown Premium Airbrush Color
    Pack/Size: 8 oz bottle
    Unit: EA
  • FooDoodler 10 Color Set
    FooDoodler 10 Color Set
    Pack/Size: F10-1110 Edible Ink Pens
    Unit: ST