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SIZE: ¼ sheet

1. Mix batches of light blue, light pink and red icing using gel colors mixed into white icing. TIP: Use a very scant amount of Red Red gel color to achieve a soft rose pink.

2. Ice the cake in white.

3. Affix Designer Prints™ around the sides and across the top of the cake, as shown. TIP: Ensure that strips will fit the height of the cake sides before application. If necessary, trim strips to size while they are still on the backing sheet.

4. Pipe a scalloped top border using pink icing in a #5 tip.

5. Pipe a beaded bottom border using red icing in a #8 tip. 

6. Finish with a puffy, “steam-y” inscription using blue icing in a #5 tip.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz