Size: 6" and 8" Rounds
Skill Level: Easy

1. Base ice 8” double round and 6” double round cakes white.

2. Insert four dowel rods into 8” cake.  Insert through both cake layers and cut flush to cake.

3. Stack cakes as shown.

4. Airbrush cake Pink with Neon Purple second coat.

5. Using tip #32, pipe Black shell border on bottom.

6. Using tip #897, pipe Black band around base of top layer.

7. Using tip #2, pipe Neon Purple details on band as shown.

8. Using tip #104, pipe Black swags as shown.

9. Using tip #5, pipe Black banner as shown.  Smooth.

10. Using tip #3, pipe White banner outline.

11. Using tip #47, pipe Black border on top

12. Place DecoSet® items onto cake as shown. 

13. Using tip #3, pipe Black outline on Skullette Dec-Ons® decorations.

Decorating idea by DecoPac

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