SIZE: 1/4 Sheet

1. Pipe a large round patch of white icing in the center of the cake to adhere the Monsters University—Scarers Edible Image® design.

2. Mix 3 batches of color—violet, teal, and black using Violet, Teal Green, and Black Premium Gel Colors.

3. Using a #8 round tip, pipe a black mouth shape around the image to make the image appear to be inside a monster’s mouth. Smooth the black icing using a small angled spatula.

4. Pipe on teal and violet icing in patches on the rest of the cake using an icing bag with just a cuplar and no tips. Use a spatula to create the look of fur in the teal and purple.

5. Place Large Eyes Dec-Ons® decorations above the mouth to make the cake top look like a monster face, as seen in the picture.

6. Create eyelids on the Large Eyes Dec-Ons® decorations using a round #4 tip and teal icing.

7. Complete your monster cake by piping teeth inside the mouth and around the Monsters University—Scarers Edible Image® design using a #8 round tip and white icing.

Decorating Idea by: Charra Jarosz

Edible Image® design artwork © Disney Pixar