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Pink Ribbon Sugar Cookie Shoes
Pink Ribbon Sugar Cookie Shoes

SIZE: Other (cookies)
Stomp out breast cancer with pink ribbon high heels.
1. Make your favorite cut-out cookie recipe and cut shoe shapes using a specialty cutter. Let cool.

2. These cookies are iced using the run sugar method; to make icing for this run sugar method, make a batch of royal icing and set aside 1/3 of the regular recipe. Take the remaining 2/3 and thin it down with warm water. To test for correct consistency, drop thinned royal icing from your spatula into the royal icing in the bowl. If the drop disappears by the count of 10, the royal icing has reached correct consistency. 

3. Use Lucks Red/Red Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45283) to mix a batch of rose pink icing in the standard consistency.

4. Create a lighter shade of pink run sugar by adding a portion of the standard pink icing to white run sugar.

5. Use a #3 plain round tip (Item #11022) to pipe outlines using regular pink royal icing, as shown. When the outlines have dried slightly, fill in designs with run sugar. Let dry.

6. After the icing has set up, finish with Pink Ribbon Dec-Ons® decorations (Item #45154) and White Grande Pearls (Item #12974), attached with royal icing.
Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

  • Tip #3 Piping
    Tip #3 Piping
    Pack/Size: 5/pk
    Unit: PK
  • Pink Ribbon Dec-Ons
    Pink Ribbon Dec-Ons
    Pack/Size: 180 per box 1 1/2"
    Unit: BX