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SIZE: 8” round

For kids, ‘tweens and teens alike, this bold cake will please any aspiring rocker!

1. Ice cake in white icing and apply Classic Checks Designer Prints™ decorations to the sides of the cake. For professional looking results, trim the white ends from print with a ribbon insertion tool with the pointed blade or use an X-ACTO type razor knife.

2. Apply Aqua Blue Shimmer Ribbons™ decorations around the cake, just below he Designer Prints™ strips.

3. Apply Rock On Edible Image® decoration to the top of the cake.

4. Mix blue, yellow and black icings using Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Sky Blue, Golden Yellow and Coal Black.

5. Using golden icing and a #10 plain round tube, pipe a few random dots around the edge of the top border, as shown.

6. With blue icing and a #10 tip, finish the top beaded border, piping around the yellow dots.

7. With black icing in a #10 tip, pipe a bottom border of dots.

8. With yellow icing and a #4 plain round tube, pipe small dots between each black dot comprising the bottom border.

9. Finish cake with Music Notes Dec-Ons® decorations, nestled into each random yellow dot.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

  • Fondant Knife & Ribbon Insertion Tool
    Fondant Knife & Ribbon Insertion Tool
    Pack/Size: ea
    Unit: EA
  • Tip #10 Piping
    Tip #10 Piping
    Pack/Size: 5/pk
    Unit: PK
  • Tip #4 Piping
    Tip #4 Piping
    Pack/Size: 5/pk
    Unit: PK
  • Music Notes Dec-Ons
    Music Notes Dec-Ons
    Pack/Size: 280 per box 7/8"
    Unit: BX
  • Classic Checks Designer Prints
    Classic Checks Designer Prints
    Pack/Size: 36 pack 2 1/4" x 10"
    Unit: BX