SIZE: 2-layer 6”, 3-layer 8” and 2-layer 10” round tiers

A modern cake for a modern clientele.

1.    A day ahead, roll out fondant and apply several Flower Embellishments Edible Images® (Item #45807) with a light mist of water, being careful to avoid puddles. Tip: use a set of fluted round cutters to cut out seemingly intricate floral outlines.

2.    Mix turquoise icing using two parts Lucks Sky Blue Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45276) to one part Lucks Neon Brite Green Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45293) in a white icing base.

3.    Ice the cake with turquoise icing.

4.    Apply Lime Green Shimmer Ribbons™ (Item #45559) to the bases of each tier.

5.    With a #5 plain round tube (Item #12756) and turquoise icing, apply a beaded border to the base of each tier.

6.    Attach floral fondant plaques, as shown, with dabs of turquoise icing.

7.    Mix a medium green icing using Lucks Green Airbrush Color (Item #10162) in a white icing base; with a #8 plain round tube (Item #11031), pipe leaves and stems. Drag a fine paint brush through the center of each leaf, from base to tip for the finishing touch.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

Green Premium Airbrush Color

Green Premium Airbrush Color

Pack/Size: 8 oz bottle (10162)
Unit: EA

Tip #8 Piping

Tip #8 Piping

Pack/Size: 5/pk
Unit: PK