SIZE: 8” three-layer, 6” three-layer and 4” three-layer round tiers
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/moderate

This cake is decorated entirely in fondant, including the darling blossoms and leaves.

1.    Make flowers and leaves a day ahead: Mix lime and forest green fondant using Lucks Neon Brite Green (Item #45293) and Forest Green (Item #45275) Liqua-Gel Colors. Then use assorted blossom and leaf cutters from the Flower and Leaf Cutter Set (Item #46659) to cut lime green flowers and forest green leaves. Let dry.

2.    When the flowers are dry, airbrush the centers with Lucks Turquoise Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #46008).

3.    To assemble the cake, mix enough light turquoise fondant to cover and border the cake, using Lucks Sky Blue (Item #45276) and Neon Brite Green Liqua-Gel Colors in a ratio of 4:1.

4.    Cover and assemble the tiers.

5.    To make the border, roll ropes by hand, varying the width in regular intervals, as shown. Attach to cake using a light application of water or clear, potable alcohol.

6.    Attach flowers and leaves to cake using dabs of icing.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

Turquoise Shimmer Airbrush Color

Turquoise Shimmer Airbrush Color

Pack/Size: 4 oz bottle (46008)
Unit: EA