SIZE: Cookies

1. Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Chill dough.

2. Make your own or use specialty cutters to cut out speech bubble shaped cookies. Bake and cool.

3. Make royal icing in blue, purple, green and pink using Premium Gel Color. You will also need to reserve some of the white.

4. These cookies are iced using the run sugar method. For each color thin down the icing with warm water. To test for correct consistency, drop thinned royal icing from your spatula into the royal icing in the bowl. If the drop disappears by the count of 10, the icing has reached correct consistency. Do not thin down the white icing.

5. Outline the cookie using a #3 Piping Tip and immediately go back and fill in the entire cookie. Tap out or use a pin or scribe tool to remove air bubbles. Allow to dry completely.

6. After the icing has set, add variations of the word “hello” using white icing and a #4 Piping Tip. Leave enough space in each word to add an Emoji Dec-Ons® decorations. Pipe a ring around the Emoji after attaching it using the same icing. NOTE: Emoji Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations are only available by special phone order, and will be shipped from our Tacoma, WA warehouse. Call us at 1-800-426-9778 to place your order!

Decorating idea by Lori Cook