Breathe Desserts


Minimalism becomes a popular trend for 2017, but it doesn't mean bland and boring. The Breathe trend embraces moments of pause in the midst of technology, speed and instant gratification. Inviting white space leaves room for tranquility, and space to ponder thoughtful details. This trend is popular for weddings, adult birthdays, outdoor parties and formal graduation celebrations. While upscale, the trend is accessible to all through pleasing icons like florals and geometrics plus calming pastel colors.

 What does Breathe mean for desserts?

• An extreme use of balance and thoughtful asymmetry is pleasing to the eye.
• Metallics like gold add minimal, elegant detail.
• White is an important color, paired with soothing pastels like soft pinks, lavender or soothing green.
• Watercolor techniques and hand-written fonts appear to have taken time, adding value and sentiment.
• Flowers bring the organic beauty of nature to desserts, often contrasting strict lines and geometric shapes.