High Voltage Desserts

High Voltage

The high-tech '80s are reimagined by Millennials through attention-grabbing color, bold graphics and digital-inspired messaging. Vibrant desserts stand out in bakery displays and on crowded social media platforms, embracing honest messaging and a playfully nostalgic youthful design. Foods are infused with the internet, inspired by the visual communication of today's technology. Messages include pop culture references, honest expressions and cheeky puns to add a personal, engaging element to desserts.

 What does High Voltage mean for desserts?

  • • Stand out in displays with bright, bold food color
  • • Metallic chrome adds digital sheen to desserts
  • • Individuality is embraced through "slanguage messaging" and custom design
  • • Images and words are inspired by social media
  • • Mix-and-match desserts combine nostalgic ingredients like fruity pebbles with modern decorating techniques
  • • Anything goes! Uniqueness is considered an added value