Our team of trend experts closely follow evolving styles in design, food decoration and pop culture. Each year, we feature designs and colors inspired by the most in-demand trends so you can keep ahead of the curve and decorate to delight your customers.

High Voltage

A bold and bright re-imagining of the ‘80s rebellious spirit, the High Voltage trend brings neon frostings, mash-ups of retro and modern foods and total customization to the dessert table.

  • Social media influences the look of desserts
  • Bite-sized information commands attention
  • Individuality means totally customized desserts

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While the high-tech world buzzes around us, Breathe offers tranquility and wonder in the form of elegant, minimal food design.

  • Balance and asymmetry add interest to desserts
  • Pastel watercolor washes gleam with gold accents
  • Soft colors are displayed with geometrics and lines to evoke a calm sense of order

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Global Fusion

Take a trip across the globe with a mix of vibrant jungle, warm beaches and exotic flavors in this Global Fusion dessert trend.

  • International travel brings forward new global combinations and flavors in food and decorating
  • Colors and shapes are inspired by Cuba, jungle and beach
  • Connection through technology creates travel experiences, even at home

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Color of the Year

Each year, the Lucks Color Company offers a formula so you can achieve the Pantone Color of the Year. Find the recipe for this year’s color here.

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2018 Colors

Mix on-trend icing colors for your desserts in 2018! Discover our three chosen palettes for stylish cakes, pulled from the top upcoming colors.

  • Rainbow Party
  • Into the Woods
  • Street Art