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Dena Country Garden VP Designer Prints
Dena Country Garden VP Designer Prints
Item Code: 48461
Pack/Size: 36 pack 12 each of 3 designs 2 1/4" x 10"
Unit: BX
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Developed to bring design to the side of the cake, Designer Prints™ decorations match up from strip to strip and can easily be wrapped around your desserts.

Edible Image® decorations are flat-printed edible designs that can be applied to many food items, such as cakes, cookies, even ice cream cakes. The decorations consist primarily of starches and sugars in the edible base. They are preprinted with edible food colors that retain color clarity and resist color bleeding, even on high moisture applications. The Edible Image® decorations absorb moisture from the food product and become soft, melding in with the food item and cutting easily.