Past Modern

The historic appreciation for luxury and leisure is reinvented in Past Modern with opulent imagery.Rich metallics, pristine whites and extravagant designs make each dessert a masterpiece. Without a boundary to time, this trend pulls design from years gone by into the future with elegance. Visit our Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

  • Icons include flowers, kingly crowns, green laurels and grecian references.
  • Cascading dots, delicate lace, painterly stripes and reworked, historical patterns add a luxurious finish to desserts and décor.
  • Decadent flavors like chocolate, fig, honey, rose and pomegranate tempt the tastebuds.
  • The colors relive the days of glamour and Art Deco with combinations of black, white and gold or the simplicity of pure white on white. These are generously paired with blush pinks and metallic finishes.
  • Abundant fresh fruit and berries surround exquisite desserts and artisan pies. They indicating an attention to detail that is appreciated and expected.