Soft Pop

Soft pop is playfully innocent with soft colors and delicious, sugary desserts. This trend is driven by the Millienial generation and their connection to social media. Desserts become a new form of communication delivery for all generations who grew up celebrating with sweet treats and candies. But, watch for surprises that appear amidst the familiar scenery. Visit our Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

  • This trend offers Millenials new ways to talk offline with cheeky messages. Using desserts to express thoughts with playful text, drawings and emojis is part of the fun.
  • Adding dessert icons, or “food on food”, is popular. Watermelon, ice cream, macarons, donuts, popsicles and other sweet treats adorn desserts.
  • The palette is deceivingly innocent. Soft pastels are often paired with startling pops of bright color. Flavors include marshmallow, bubblegum, cake batter, and watermelon.
  • Confetti and sprinkles are used abundantly and are often in geometric shapes beyond simple circles.