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Lucks offers a stylish array of black and white patterns that simply never go out of fashion...learn how to get even more mileage out of these perennial favorites by adding your own custom colors to Lucks’ versatile designs!

Choose one of two best methods to add color, depending your project:

a) trim all edges from strips (sides, tops and bottoms), then add uncolored strips to uncolored icing or fondant. After applying all strips to your cake, evenly airbrush the whole cake as one unit.

    Airbrushed Fondant         Airbrushed Icing





b) premix icing or fondant with your choice of liquid or gel colors, trim all edges from strips (sides, tops and bottoms), then airbrush strips to match while still on their backing. If possible, mix icing or fondant 24 hours ahead to establish the final color before airbrushing strips to match; most colors will darken over time. Let airbrushed strips dry for at least 15-20 minutes but no more than 90 minutes. If you spray them in advance and don’t plan to use them until a later time, place a piece of paper or a used Designer Prints™ backing over the airbrushed strips to avoid color transfer to other white strips, and return them to their resealable bag. Ice or cover cake in fondant and attach strips.

    Pre-colored Fondant       Pre-colored Icing





1. Handle airbrushed strips carefully, as the added color will make them slightly more fragile.
2. Remember to trim all edges of strips before application or airbrushing.
3. Be judicious if using shimmer colors...the metallicizing agent is opaque and will eventually conceal the pattern if applied too thickly.
4. Pre-coloring icing then applying untreated strip will work in some buttercream applications, but the overlay will be lighter than the cake and won’t be an exact match; this method works best for use with pastel and lighter colors. It will NOT work successfully with fondant, as the fondant is drier and less likely to lend it’s color to the untreated strip.