Lucks Food Colors


Discover a rainbow of food color available from Lucks Color Company! Lucks dreams up, formulates and mixes our quality food colors in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Our experts are always working hard in our Color Room to manufacture vibrant, long-lasting color to suit any application, and our decorators put them to the test to offer the highest quality assurance. No matter what icing type you’re working with or what ingredient specifications you may have, our experts can formulate functional and beautiful color that’s right for you. All Lucks’ colors are Orthodox Union Kosher Certified and manufactured in the USA.

Premium Gel Colors

For long-lasting, vibrant color add Lucks Premium Gel Colors to all types of icing. This versatile formula is more concentrated than liquid colors, can withstand freeze/thaw cycles and adds wow-factor color to many icing and food types!

Premium Airbrush Colors

Available in a range of popular and trend-forward colors, use versatile Lucks Liquid Airbrush Colors for both airbrushing techniques and color mixing. The grit-free colors can be mixed directly into piping gels and all types of icing.

Premium Shimmer Airbrush Colors

Lucks Shimmer Airbrush Colors add a striking metallic sheen to food products. Formulated to be used with standard airbrushing equipment, these trend-forward colors are easy to incorporate into your decorating process.

Premium Paste Colors

Highly concentrated for a brighter, long-lasting hue, use Premium Paste colors in icing, fondant and dough to achieve saturated, vibrant color with less product.

Premium Candy Colors

Use these specially formulated oil-based candy colors to add a rainbow of color to chocolate and other candies.

All Natural Colors

All natural ingredients are currently available in Gel Colors, and custom Airbrush Colors can be formulated as natural. Looking for clean label? We can manufacture color to any specifications you need.


  • When opening a fresh bottle of color, remove the cap and use the tip to pierce the seal on the bottle, in the center of the white ring. Keeping the ring in place, screw the cap back onto the bottle tightly. The ring will reduce chances of leaks.
  • Keep caps clean by regularly brushing away flakes, or rinsing cap with clear water.
  • It’s helpful to take notes on number or drops and amounts of color used whenever mixing icing, in case you need to mix more in the same shade.

Which Color Product is Best for Your Application?

American ButtercreamPremium Gel Colors, Airbrush Colors, Premium Paste Colors, Natural Colors

  • If you are using a shortening-based icing, food color will deepen with age (except with Natural Colors, which lighten). When mixing, finish at a color lighter than you are aiming for.
  • Try mixing your icing the day before to gauge the true color.

Non-dairy Whipped ToppingPremium Gel Colors, Airbrush Colors, Premium Paste Colors, Natural Colors

  • Due to this topping’s high water content, colors will be lighter and less saturated in tone.
  • Natural Colors can achieve light shades in whipped topping, but for dark or deep tones they are not recommended – adding too much natural color may seize the topping.

FondantPremium Gel Colors, Premium Paste Colors, Airbrush Colors, Natural Colors

  • Airbrush works beautifully when sprayed on fondant surfaces in the traditional manner. Airbrush colors can work in a pinch to tint fondant. You may need to add sifted powdered sugar to maintain proper elasticity and workability.

Piping GelAirbrush Colors, Premium Gel Colors, Natural Colors

  • Because piping gel is a clear medium, a little color goes a long way. Always start with a scant amount of color.
  • Be sure to stir (not fold) the color in to avoid creating bubbles.

Cooked Buttercream Airbrush Colors, Premium Paste Colors, Premium Gel Colors, Natural Colors

  • The high butter ratio in European buttercreams can resist deep color saturation. Try adding a bit of sifted powdered sugar to aid in food color absorption.

Dough and BatterPremium Paste Colors, Premium Gel Colors, Natural Colors

  • When adding color to dough or batter, it’s easiest to mix the color into the wet ingredients, before adding in dry.
  • Take care not to overmix batters when using great amounts of color.

Marzipan - Premium Gel Colors, Premium Paste Colors, Natural Colors

  • When mixing colors in marzipan, be sure to account for the off-white tint.
  • If marzipan becomes too sticky when adding color, just like fondant, add a bit of powdered sugar to offset this.

Ganache Candy Colors

  • Candy colors work best with ganache, since they are oil-based.
  • Depending on your ganache recipe and the amount of color you add, Premium Gel Colors can also be used. Add only a little at a time to avoid seizing the chocolate.


 Premium Gel Colors 


  • Store Premium Gel Colors at room temperature to maintain their full 5-year shelf life.
  • When tinting icing, allow drops of color to fall on your mixing spatula rather than into your bowl of icing. This way, you more easily avoid adding too much color – it’s much easier to add color than to take it away.


Airbrush Colors


  • Always close the top after use.
  • For Airbrush Colors, set your machine at 18 – 20 psi
  • Use long, even strokes with the airbrush. If you want deeper color, allow first coat to dry before applying each additional coat.
  • Rinse your gun thoroughly with plain water after each work session.
  • Watch your work area for overspray. An airbrush booth can be a good solution for heavy airbrush use. In the event of overspray, simply wipe up with plain water.

Shimmer Airbrush Colors


  • For Shimmer Airbrush Colors, set your machine at 25 – 30 psi
  • Shake the bottle before you begin and remember to agitate the bottle regularly when refilling your airbrush color cup. Always close the top after use.
  • Shimmer will puddle if you apply too heavily, so keep your airbrush spray moving. If your Shimmer Airbrush Color puddles, use a fine bristled paintbrush to gently smooth the problem area and let dry before spraying again. This solution only works with shimmer, and will not work with regular airbrush.
  • Use long, even strokes with the airbrush. If you want deeper color, allow first coat to dry before applying each additional coat.
  • Rinse your gun thoroughly with plain water after each work session.
  • Watch your work area for overspray. Shimmer will appear as dust on the work surface and cleans up easily from tables and skin with plain water. An airbrush booth can be a good solution for heavy airbrush use.


  • Gumpaste Flowers – Lucks carries a line of pre-made gum paste flowers that can be airbrushed, or airbrush your own! Be sure to let your gum paste flowers dry completely before placing on your cake.
  • Fondant Pieces – Airbrush fondant pieces and allow them to dry before placing on your cake.
  • Royal Icing Roses – Shimmer Airbrush Colors work wonderfully on Lucks Royal Icing Roses. These roses are more solid than buttercream roses, accepting airbrushing without losing shape. They dry quickly for fast handling.
    • TIP! Airbrush the roses away from the cake for a clean look without overspray.
  • Chocolate – Airbrush colors can successfully be used on chocolate, despite their water base. Each coat should be applied very lightly, in successive layers onto grease-free confection surfaces. White and milk chocolate accept these colors better than dark chocolate.

Premium Paste Colors


  • Because Premium Paste Colors are so concentrated, less is needed to achieve your desired color.
  • Use a toothpick or small spatula to add to icings and batters.
  • Be sure to close the cap after use to prevent drying.

Premium Candy Colors


  • Add a little at a time, gradually working up to desired color.

All Natural Colors


  • Natural Colors need to be refrigerated after opening.
  • Shake the bottle vigorously prior to each use – this is very important with Natural Color because the ingredients tend to separate in the bottle. Strong shaking for at least 30 seconds will ensure the color performs as it’s intended.
  • These specially formulated Natural Colors will not add texture, taste or smell to your recipe, since they are vegetable based.
  • Always consider that due to the natural ingredients, color saturation can fade from icings and food over time. Avoid exposing your desserts to bright light or sunlight to reduce fading, and take this factor into account when planning decorating schedule and storage.