Lucks Premium Gel Colors

What are they?

Lucks Premium Gel Colors are edible gel colors specially formulated for tinting icing and other edible goods.

Orthodox Union Kosher Certified

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by Icing Type

When opening a new bottle of color, be sure to remove the seal completely. Tearing off only a portion of the seal may result in bottle leakage, or in dried color flaking into your icing.

To tint icing, allow drops of color to fall on your mixing spatula rather than into your bowl of icing…this will prevent too much color being added to the bowl at one time. It is easier to add color than it is to take it away!


Application Tips

The icing or product type you are coloring will affect the results you get:

  • Piping gel: Because it is a clear medium, a little color goes a long way. Always start with a scant amount of color. Also, be sure to stir (not fold) the color in to avoid creating too many bubbles.
  • Non-dairy whipped topping: Liqua-Gel colors work great! Extremely deep tones may be a bit more difficult to achieve, however, due to this topping’s high water content.
  • Cooked buttercream: The high butter ratio in European buttercreams can resist deep color saturation, so try adding a bit of sifted powdered sugar to aid in food color absorption.
  • American buttercream: Premium Gel Colors work well to color this type of icing. If you are using a shortening-based icing, food color will deepen with age. Try mixing your icing the day before to gauge the true color.
  • Royal icing: Liquid Premium Airbrush Colors also work well for royal icing, particularly for run sugar work. The additional moisture content helps to relax the icing, so less water needs to be added to achieve the correct flow consistency.
  • Fondant: Liquid Premium Airbrush Colors can work in a pinch, but Premium Gel Colors are preferred. If you are using airbrush colors to tint fondant, you may need to add sifted powdered sugar to maintain proper elasticity and workability.
  • In addition to the icing types listed above, try adding Premium Gel Colors to marzipan, bread dough, cookie dough, and cake batter. The possibilities are endless.



For a deep black icing, mix your icing the day before to permit natural color seeping. We recommend starting with chocolate icing, so the amount of added colorant is minimal and to reduce the possibility of off-taste and discolored teeth! Spray airbrush color when possible, so color is applied only to the surface and not mixed throughout.

To prevent your red icing from becoming too dark over time, mix a bit of pink color into your icing too.

To achieve a soft pink icing that won’t fade, use the tiniest dab of red food color in your icing, rather than pink.