Designer Prints

Designer Prints® Decorations


Created to bring design to the side of the cake, Designer Prints® designs match up from strip to strip and can easily be wrapped around your desserts. Printed with stable food colors on a starch and sugar base, they are more resistant to fading than Print On-Demand technology. They meld to the surface by absorbing moisture from the food item, cut easily after application and are freeze-thaw stable. 

Orthodox Union Kosher Certified

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by Icing Type

  • American Buttercream (crusting buttercream): Apply Designer Prints® strip while icing is tacky. If frosting crusts beforehand, mist lightly with water.
  • Cooked European Buttercream: If butter ratio is high, it prevents complete adherence. If you have trouble with the image melding, mist frosting lightly with water.
  • Nondairy/Dairy Whipped Topping: Do NOT add any extra moisture to the topping. The moisture content is already perfect for adherence. 
  • Frozen Whipped Topping or Icing: Before applying image to cake surface, be sure ice crystals have fully melted. 
  • Run Royal Icing: Moisture content of run icing is too wet for immediate application. Allow icing to dry before attempting to apply a Designer Prints® strip. After the icing is dry, lightly brush clear piping gel or simple syrup only to area to be covered with design.   
  • Royal Icing: Add a generous mist of water (being careful to avoid puddles) before icing dries to prevent crusting before application.
  • Fondant: Using clear potable alcohol, such as vodka or Everclear, spray an even coat over fondant with airbrush. Apply Designer Prints® strip immediately to fondant’s surface. 

Application for Ice Cream Cakes

If your ice cream cake is covered in a thin layer of ice crystals, let it sit out for a few minutes. This will allow the thin layer of ice to soften and provide the needed moisture for the Designer Prints® to adhere to the side of the cake.

Designer Prints® designs can, on contact with frozen ice cream, freeze and become brittle; do not attempt to remove, adjust or pat down large bubbles or the print may crack.

When using pre-made cake blanks:

The sides of the cake may bulge or be bowed for optimal results, allow the cake to sit out for a few minutes to soften slightly, then use a cake comb to straighten the sides. Apply Designer Prints® designs as usual.

The cake may be shorter than the height of the Designer Prints® designs; for optimal results, measure the height of your cake before applying prints. If the cake is shorter than the print, use scissors or an X-Acto™ knife to trim. 


Cutting Tips

Edible Designer Prints® range from 10” to 10.5” in length. You can buy pre-printed Designer Prints® strips or Print On-Demand strips, or you may simply cut full Edible Image® design sheets into thirds, quarters, etc. 


For Best Results

Use an X-Acto™ knife to trim the white edges from the long ends of each designer strip before applying the Designer Prints® to the cake.

Return all images to the re-sealable bag as soon as they are no longer needed.

Measure and cut the last strip while it is still attached to the backing strip to avoid waste.

Use an X-Acto™ knife to trim the last strip from the bottom up after applying to the cake to avoid tearing.

When building tiered cakes, assemble them completely before beginning to apply designs.