Sweet Shapes Fondant Strips®

What are they?

Sweet Shapes® fondant strips make high-end decorating quick and easy. Save time and labor by simply peeling and placing one of eight popular fondant designs on cakes. Ideal for independent bakeries and in-stores, there is minimal waste and no space is needed to roll out and cut fondant.

Orthodox Union Kosher Certified

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• Can be applied directly to buttercream • Simply peel and place pre-cut fondant pieces onto cakes
• Excess pieces from sheet can be used to accent desserts, cupcakes
• If product becomes sticky from handling, pop into refrigerator to firm up again
• Moisten pieces lightly to apply directly to fondant
• Becomes softer after application


• 2 year shelf life
• Orthodox Union Kosher Certified
• Made in the USA


1. Handle product with care.
2. For maximum freshness, keep in closed resealable bag when not in use.
3. Store product away from extreme heat and humidity.
4. Store the product flat.