Edible Transfer Sheets for Chocolate


Lucks Transfer Sheets are images printed on acetate sheets, using color only. Cocoa butter is not used in this product, extending the shelf life and making it easy to ship, store and handle. The sheets are used to transfer designs onto milk, dark, white and coating chocolates.

This is the first transfer sheet on the market that does not contain cocoa butter. Edible Transfer Sheets are easy to handle and do not smear. Orthodox Union Kosher Certified.

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  • Lay patterned transfer sheet textured side up. Pour melted chocolate over the sheet, smoothing with a spatula. Let dry and peel away the acetate sheet.
  • If using molds, you can cut transfer sheets to fit the bottom of the bold. Lay each cut piece textured side up in the mold before pouring in the chocolate.

TIP! Cut a piece of paper first to determine the right cut size to fit in your mold. Once you get the paper size right, use that to measure and cut the Transfer Sheets.


  • Works best with milk, dark, white chocolate and coating chocolate
  • Year round shipping (do not require refrigerated storage, since no cocoa butter is used)
  • Shelf stable product, with extended shelf life
  • Fat free
  • High quality, image clarity on finished product
  • Made in the USA