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About Lucks

Lucks Food Decorating Company is committed to providing the baking  industry with quality products and services that enhance the decorator's  creativity. As the leading manufacturer of edible food decorations for  cakes and confections, we offer innovative, time saving products, such  as Edible Image® decorations and Dec-Ons® molded sugar decorations.  Lucks Edible Image® Decorations, Dec-Ons® Decorations, Print-Ons®  Sheets, Designer Prints™ Decorations, Royal Icing Roses and Colors are made in the USA in FDA inspected and registered facilities.

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Vision Statement
We develop, manufacture, and sell unique, innovative decorating products for consumer goods, with a focus on edible. We offer superior quality decorating products that must add value to our customers’ products.

We embrace technology in all of our business processes, including research, product development, production, marketing, sales, finance, and distribution.

We pursue market segments and customers that provide acceptable levels of profitability in support of our growth.

We seek strategic relationships that enhance our ability to develop, market, produce and sell our products.

We use a cross-functional team approach. We foster creativity and encourage informed risk. Decisions are made at all levels and are driven by information and shared values.

Our work environment is fun, fulfilling, caring, rewarding, and nurturing with respect for each person and their position. We communicate openly and share appropriate information with others in the company. We are committed to skill development, as well as professional and personal growth. We accept a shared responsibility to ensure a balance between personal life and work.