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Dec-Ons® Decorations: Pre-Made Edible Décor

Made primarily from finely granulated sugar, Dec-Ons® decorations are molded into various shapes and hand painted with edible food colors. They are fun and easy to apply to baked goods as a finishing touch.

The Dec-Ons® decorations can be baked directly onto some products, like cookie dough and pie crust. They can be nestled into fresh icing, or if applied to frozen cake, fondant or icing that has crusted, they can be attached with a dollop of icing. They can also be used to decorate frozen products, like ice cream cakes, and will withstand the freeze/thaw process. View our Dec-Ons® Decorations How-To Guide to see our full list of application tips.

Our Dec-Ons® decorations can also be used as a decoration on or in bath bombs. Since they’re made from finely granulated sugar and will dissolve in the bath tub, they make the perfect bath bomb accessory and can even be utilized as a sugar scrub. Apply to moist icing or bake onto desserts.

These edible decorations are made in the USA and are Orthodox Union Kosher Certified.