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SIZE: 1/4 Graham Cracker


No camp fire is needed for these quick autumn treats topped with autumn decorations.

1. You will need mini marshmallows, graham crackers, dipping chocolate and chocolate frosting.

2. Break the desired amount of graham crackers at the seams into 1/4 size.

3. Dip each cracker half way into the melted dipping chocolate and lay on parchment paper to set.                            

4. Use frosting to glue two rows of mini marshmallows onto each cracker.

5. Glue the remaining dipped crackers on top of the marshmallows with a little more frosting.

6. Finish your dessert off with a piped dollop of chocolate frosting (using a #5 tip) and Fall Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations.

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol