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This cake shown is a 10” x 8” tiered round cake. 

1. Begin by icing the cake.

2. After that, prepare a new Baby Clothesline Designer Print™ by trimming away the white ends of each strip. You should do this with a ribbon insertion tool using the pointed blade or an X-ACTO type razor knife.  Apply the strips around the cake by holding down one end and then pressing the rest of the strip around the cake.  For coverage on a 10” round cake you will need 3 strips plus about 3” and for the 8” cake you will need 2 strips plus about 6 inches.

3. Next, ice 5 cupcakes and place on top of cake.

4. Mix the pale colors pink, yellow, blue, green and lavender using Pink Airbrush Colors, Blue, Yellow, Lavender and Green.

5. Now, use the colors you just mixed to fill separate bags, You’ll also need to fill a bag with white buttercream.

6. Then, using a #8 plain round tube, pipe beads around the tiers of the cupcake as shown.

7. Pipe large teardrop shapes on the cupcakes to make daisies.

8. The key to making perfect dots is to stop squeezing before pulling the tube away. By doing this, you will get nice rounded shapes.

9. You can line your tubes up on the table and replace them in the same order to make piping the different colors easier.

10. Finish with Baby Onepiece Assortment Dec-Ons® decorations on the top of the cupcakes.  Sandwich two Dec-Ons® together with buttercream to make the top pieces three-dimensional.

This cake’s sure to make the sun shine for any party.
Decorating Idea by: Kasia Wilk