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SIZE: Shaped 10” round

1. Mix a batch of green icing using Leaf Green Premium Gel color.

2. Shape a 10” round into a baseball field as shown by cutting two sides to make a point on one end of the cake.

3. Ice the cake with buttercream and apply an Edible Image® design to the top, rounded part of the cake.

4. Cover the top of the cake with fudge frosting, making sure to avoid covering the Edible Image® design.

5. Use a #3 tip and white frosting to create the foul lines and the bases on the inside diamond of the cake.

6. With a #3 tip and green frosting, pipe the grass in the infield between the bases.

7. Use a #22 tip and green frosting to pipe the top and bottom border, as well as piping the outfield around the Edible Image® design and grass on cupcakes.

8. Finish by attaching Dec-Ons® decorations to the cake and cupcakes.

Decorating idea by Bonnie Lee

Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.