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SIZE: Shaped ¼ sheet

What Birthday Girl wouldn’t love this simply fashionable strapless dress cake?

1.    A day ahead, roll out and cut an oval plaque using White Vanilla Fondant and the largest cutter from a Plain Oval Cutter Set. Create a white flower if you wish. Let dry.

2.    Mix a batch of honeysuckle-tinted icing using a 2:2:1 ratio of Lucks Liquid Airbrush Colors in Pink, Red and Lavender. Use the same ratio to mix a small amount of honeysuckle royal icing.

3.    Mix a batch of black fondant (or icing if you prefer) using Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color. Use the same color to mix a small amount of black royal icing.

4.    Design and use a paper template to shape a ¼ sheet cake into a dress, as shown. The template will be used to gauge Designer Prints™ application in a later step. TIP: leftover backing from Edible Image® products make a wonderful, moisture-proof template material.

5.    Ice the bodice portion of the cake with honeysuckle icing and the skirt with white.

6.    Apply Houndstooth Black Designer Prints™ decorations to the sides of the cake/skirt (the entire skirt will require 4-5 strips). TIP: the Designer Prints™ can be applied to the sides of the skirt either with a horizontal orientation (in a single piece), or with a vertical orientation (three pieces). Vertical application will maintain better continuity of pattern, but will require the extra step of cutting and aligning.

7.    Use the original cake template to gauge the curvature of your top Designer Prints™ application. Cut the appropriate silhouettes while the strips are still on their backing.

8.    Carefully apply the top Designer Prints™ pattern, taking care to align the pattern accurately. TIP: The uppermost portion will be one single piece, while the two subsequent layers with consist of two pieces each.

9.    Use white icing in a #22 star tube to pipe swirling ruffles at the base of the cake, as shown.

10.    Use honeysuckle icing in a #104 petal tip to pipe rows of ruffles from the base of the cake, upward.

11.    Use black fondant (or icing in a #12 plain round tube) to create a trim at the top of the base ruffles.

12.    Use black fondant (or icing in a #1D large basketweave tip) to create a waistband between the bodice and the skirt.

13.    Pipe a message on the oval plaque using royal icing, and allow it to dry. Attach to the cake with fondant or a dab of icing.

14.    Finish with a single white fondant flower, lightly highlighting the stamen with Lucks Neon Bright Pink Shimmer Airbrush Color, applied with a food-grade paintbrush.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz