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SIZE: 8” three-layer, 7” two-layer and 6” three-layer tiers

Capture the spirit of today’s modern bride in mere minutes with this creatively contrasting cake!

1.    A day ahead, mix some black fondant using Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color in White Vanilla Fondant (Item #46755), Ivory Vanilla Fondant or Dark Chocolate Fondant. TIP: If you use chocolate fondant as a base, you will need less food colorant to achieve a deep black.

2.    Use the Plain Daisy Cutter Set to cut black and white fondant flowers, to be used as bases for Dec-Ons® decorations, as shown. Use cutters one size smaller to cut the black flowers. Allow to dry. TIP: Measure your Dec-Ons® against the cutters to ensure you have chosen the right cutter sizes.

3.    Attach black flowers to white flowers using a bit of icing, water or clear potable alcohol.

4.    Ice and assemble the cake.

5.    Apply the vertical and the horizontal stripes patterns from Black and Red Dots and Stripes Designer Prints™ decorations to the tiers as shown.

6.    Apply Black Shimmer Ribbons™ decorations horizontally around the middle tier, and then cut pieces to size to place vertically on the top and bottom tiers.

7.    Attach one Classic Blossom Dec-Ons® decoration to each larger fondant base and one Classic Small Flowerette decoration to each medium fondant base. Attach to cake with icing, as shown.

8.    Roll white fondant ropes, tapered at one end, to apply to Black Shimmer Ribbons™ as elegant stems for the flowers. Attach with a light brush of water. TIP: Brush water on the fondant, not the ribbon.

9.    Use a #10 plain round tube to pipe a beaded border around the base of each tier.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz