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Black Chevron Dessert Cake

Black Chevron Dessert Cake

SIZE: 8" Round

1. Place the bottom layer of cake on a cake board and wrap a 3” Poly Collar around the cake attaching the end to itself with a small piece of tape. 

2. With a pastry bag and an open coupler, pipe your filling onto the cake inside of the Poly Collar. 

3. Place the top layer of Cake inside the Poly Collar and press down gently to make sure that everything is even. 

4. Cover the top of the cake with icing and smooth it out to the edge of the Poly Collar. 

5. Gently peel the Black Chevron Sweet Shapes® strip from the backing sheet. 

6. Place 2 strips on top of the cake, as shown. 

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

3" x 30" Poly Collar

3" x 30" Poly Collar

Pack/Size: 250/pkg
Unit: PK