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SIZE: 8” round

This adorable princess wears a gown festooned with Blossom Charms Dec-Ons® decorations, and wears a jaunty Dec-Ons® Crown.

1. Mix pink icing with a small amount of Lucks Red Airbrush Color in a white icing base.

2. Ice the cake.

3. Mix flesh tone fondant using a 4:1 ratio of Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Deep Pink and Sunset Orange, kneaded into White Vanilla Fondant.

4. Cut out a fondant face using the smallest cutter from the Plain Oval Cutter Set.

5. Roll two easy arms, delineating only the thumbs to avoid fumbling with finger counts.

6. Arrange white blossoms from Blossom Charms Dec-Ons® decorations in a triangle on the top of the cake, as shown.

7. Use white icing in a #5 round tip to pipe the bodice, sleeves and skirt.

8. Continue by piping a bottom beaded border and a beaded lower trim.

9. Arrange face and arms on the top of the cake.

10. Use pink icing in a #5 tip to pipe a top border.

11. Use fudge icing in a #3 round tip to pipe hair and a face.

12. Use white icing in a #3 tip to pipe decorative dots just inside the top border.

13. Finish with a Crown Assortment Dec-Ons® decoration.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz