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SIZE: Other (cupcakes)

Add appeal to simple chocolate cut outs with a variety of Edible Transfer Sheets (Items #46911 to 46918).

1. Ice all cupcakes smoothly using an untipped  coupler (Item #11024) with chocolate, and then white icing as shown. A small spatula or piece of cake collar works well to smooth the tops.

2. Melt two batches of chocolate or candy melts in white and dark chocolate.

3. Cut your transfer sheet into the desired size for all of your cut decorations.

4. Lay the transfer sheet on a flat surface so that the textured side of your design faces up.

5. Pour the melted chocolate over the chocolate transfer and smooth to an even thickness with a spatula. Tip: Keep the chocolate at least 1/8” so that your decorations don’t break when you are cutting them out.

6. When dry, cut impressions into the chocolate with your Plain Daisy Cutter Set (Item #10485). Tip: The left over pieces can be melted back into your chocolate!

7. Gently lift each decoration off of your chocolate transfer sheet and turn over so that you see your pattern. Wear gloves to keep from getting finger prints on your decorations. Tip: If your chocolate is too soft to easily lift your cut-outs, put the sheet into the refrigerator for a few minutes.

8. Join your finished chocolate decorations to the top of your iced cupcakes with a small amount of icing!

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol