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SIZE: 8” square

Your favorite weekend warrior will LOVE this “tough guy” treat!
1.    Ice cake in white icing and airbrush a light, irregular application of Lucks Black Airbrush Color (Item #10157) around the sides.

2.    Apply Built Tough Birthday Edible Image® design (Item #43612).

3.    Mix dark gray icing using Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45290); with a #2B large basket weave tip (Item #11023), pipe a flat border around the cake’s base in 1 ½” sections, as shown.

4.    With more gray icing and a #10 plain round tube (item #11029), pipe a chain border: to start, pipe one oval in the center of each top edge; pipe identical ovals on either side of the centered ovals, then connect with straight lines as illustrated.

5.    Continue by piping dots along the bottom border, intermittently around the top of the cake’s sides, and in each top corner.

Decorating Idea by Charra Jarosz