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Camouflage Army Backpack Cake

Camouflage Army Backpack Cake

Size: Back piece is 8”wide by 12”high by 5”deep
Smaller pieces in front are 8” high by 3” wide by 2” deep
Skill level: Advanced

1. Ice all pieces with a dapple brown buttercream first and freeze them. To make the dapple brown, mix Brown, Green and Black Liquid Airbrush Colors. Color some fondant using the same color combination.

2. Trim the white ends from an entire package of the Jungle Camouflage Designer Prints® using a ribbon insertion tool or an X-Acto type knife. Return them to the bag until you are ready to use them. Note you can match up all pieces of the camouflage top to bottom by moving each strip over a few inches.  The ends will match up. 

3. Wrap all buttercream iced pieces with the Designer Prints®, as shown, and return to refrigerator.

4. Roll out colored fondant and apply Designer Prints® using a fine mist of plain water.

5. Allow to dry for about 30 minutes and cut into pack “flaps” as shown on cake.

6. Roll out your dapple fondant and lay a piece of plastic wrap over it. Then, lay a braided luggage strap over that and roll with rolling pin to create the weave look of the pack flap edges and closures.

7. Assemble all pieces as shown and reinforce with plastic straws or stir sticks to hold pieces upright.

Decorating idea by Kasia Wilk

Knife & Ribbon Insertion Decorating Tools

Knife & Ribbon Insertion Decorating Tools

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