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SIZE: Shaped ¼ sheet and 6” round
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/moderate

Storm the party with this surprisingly easy cake!

1. Mix two shades of moss green using three parts Lucks Green Liquid Airbrush Color to one part Lucks Brown Liquid Airbrush Color. With a similar color combination, mix a small amount of fondant.

2. Roll out some fondant and wrap the blunt end of a Wooden Rose Stick about 3” up the length of the stick. Set aside.

3. Mix black icing using Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color.

4. Ice the 6” cake with the lighter green icing and apply Jungle Camouflage Designer Prints® around the sides. Place in cooler.

5. Place a cookie cutter, approximately 3” in diameter, on a small piece of parchment and fill halfway with the darker shade of green. Place in freezer.

6. Carve a long, triangular wedge from the bottom of either side of the ¼ sheet cake, as shown. Ice remaining ¼ sheet with the lighter green icing and apply three strips of Camouflage across the top of the tank body, side by side.

7. With black icing in a #789 tip, pipe tire belts along the edges of both sides of the tank body.

8. With a #5 plain round tube and black icing, pipe tread across the tire belts, and edge around the entire side of the cake.

9. With an open, untipped Plastic Coupler and black icing, pipe four wheels on each side of the cake.

10. Remove the 6” cake from the cooler and place atop the ¼ sheet tank base.

11. Remove the icing-filled cookie cutter from the freezer; carefully rinse exterior sides—not the icing—with warm tap water. Place this icing cap on the 6” cake before it begins to soften.

12. Trim out the top and the sides of the 6” round with the darker green icing in a #5 tip.

13. Finish by inserting the fondant “cannon” in the 6” layer.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz