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SIZE: Other (cookies)

Clown hat or party hat, these cookies are a festive addition to your dessert menu!

1. Make your favorite cut-out cookie recipe and cut party hat shapes with a specialty cutter.

2. Mix pink, lime green and red icings using Lucks Liquid Airbrush Colors: a light touch of Red for the pink icing, Red for red, and a 3:1 ratio of Yellow and Green.

3. Apply a strip of each pattern of Carnival Designer Prints™ decorations to white fondant using a small misting of water to adhere. Quantities required will be dictated by your desired cookie count; each purse will use approximately ¼ of a Designer Prints™ strip.

4. Use your cookie cutter to cut party hat shapes from the fondant with Designer Prints™ decorations affixed to them.

5. Attach fondant to cookie using a little icing or piping gel.

6. Pipe different colors of icing trim as shown, using a pastry bag with no tip.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz