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Let Lucks’ Carnival Collection be the main attraction at your Big Top themed event!

SIZE: 8” three-layer round
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Advanced

1. A day ahead, mix lime apple green, orange, red and blue fondant using Lucks Liqua-Gel Colors in Neon Brite Green, Sunset Orange, Super Red, and Sky Blue mixed into White Vanilla Fondant.

2. Roll out green, orange and blue fondant, and cut approximately 8 small ovals from each using the smallest cutter from the Plain Oval Cutter Set. Cut ¼” off the tip of each of the ovals. Set aside to dry.

3. Roll out a small portion of blue fondant, and create a flag. Attach the flag to a toothpick with a small amount of gum glue or icing. Set aside to dry.

4. Also a day ahead, carve a tent roof as shown. This may be sculpted from cake or from cereal treats. Place on a 9” cake plate, and then crumb coat the roof to prepare for fondant coverage. Roll a length of ½” thick fondant rope and attach to the top perimeter of the 9” cake board with gum glue or icing, and then cover the whole roof in red fondant.

5. The next day, ice the 8” round in white icing (or cover in white fondant, if you prefer) and attach the rectangular pattern from the Birthday Party Variety Edible Image® pack to the side of the cake. TIP: make sure to insert dowels or drinking straws in the 8” layer to support the roof. If you are using white fondant to cover the 8” cake, you will need to apply a light coat of water to the intended site of the Edible Image® before attachment.

6. Place another 9” cake board on top of the prepared 8” round. Cover this cake (including the 9” board) with red fondant, taking care to avoid attachment where the Edible Image® lies. Gently tuck the fondant in to the sides and back of the cake, allowing it to drape naturally while maintaining a good anchor, and cut away the front opening as shown.

7. Attach the roof to the cake with gum glue or icing.

8. Roll out an 8” x 11” sheet of white fondant as thinly as you can easily handle. Apply one sheet of the pinwheel pattern from Carnival Variety Designer Prints™ sheets to the fondant, using a light mist of water to adhere.

9. Cut eight long triangles from this sheet, approximately 2.5” wide at the base and 6” long (actual size will vary according to the pitch of your roof). Attach to the roof, radiating equally from the center, with a light application of water.

10. Attach alternating colors of oval banners to the trim of the roof, as shown, using gum glue to adhere.

11. Roll a blue fondant rope to trim and conceal the attachment of the banner flags, adhering with gum glue. TIP: if more coverage is needed, roll additional ropes in red fondant.
12. Roll out some orange fondant, and cut two loosely-formed sections of doorway drapery. Attach to the red fondant covering the cake with water or gum glue, allowing them to hang naturally in folds.

13. If desired, roll out a ½” strip of green fondant, one edge cut and frayed with scissors or an X-Acto knife to effect the look of grass. Attach to the outer base of the tent with water or gum glue.

14. Roll a small orange fondant ball and attach to the top of the tent with water or gum glue, and insert the flag as shown.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz