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SIZE: 10” three-layer, 8” two-layer and 6” three-layer round tiers

1. A day ahead, create shooting star toppers. Apply Designer Prints™ to fondant with a light application of water, and use star cutters to create both dressed and plain stars. Insert wires into most of the stars and set aside to dry.

2. The next day, ice and enrobe tiers in fondant.

3. Spray the plain, undressed star toppers with gold shimmer color and allow to dry. TIP: Apply coats in two or three thin layers; do not apply excessive shimmer color in a single airbrush pass.

4. Use clear, potable alcohol or lemon extract in an airbrush to moisten fondant before applying trimmed Designer Prints™ strips to bottom and second tiers. TIP: Using a quick-evaporating medium on fondant will allow you to attach Designer Prints™ without pitting or dissolving the fondant. TIP: Use two layers of “top-to-bottom” tiled strips on the bottom tier, and one strip, cut in half lengthwise while still on the backing sheet—half applied to top edge and half applied to the bottom edge—for the second tier.

5. Cut away the silhouette of the grad girl from the round Edible Image® decoration.

6. Mix gold-tone fondant, roll it out, and attach the girl’s silhouette using potable alcohol or lemon extract as in step 4.

7. Freehand cut the gold-tone fondant surrounding the silhouette, leaving approximately ½” – 1” trim to frame the image.

8. Attach the silhouette plaque to the front of the top tier using icing.

9. Roll out enough fondant to wrap around the second tier, trim it to accommodate the width of a Designer Prints™ strip, and apply to the second tier as shown.

10. Attach trimmed Designer Prints™ decorations to this additional strip as in step 4.

11. Use black fondant to create ruffled borders for the top and bottom tiers, as shown.

12. Finish by adorning the top and sides of the cake with shooting star décor.

Decorating idea by Celebrity Cake Studio