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SIZE: 12” two-layer, 10” three-layer and 8” two-layer stacked cake
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Advanced

Classic yet bold, this captivating floral will steal the show.

1. At least two days ahead, prepare the flower. First, roll out white fondant and cut a disc approximately 3 ½” in diameter. This can be allowed to dry either curved (as on a 10” Styrofoam dummy) or flat and will be the base of your flower. A curved disc will conform to the curve in your 10” round cake.

2. Next, roll out more fondant, enough to apply between 4-6 Classic Lace Designer Prints™ with a light mist of water, being careful to avoid drops and puddles.

3. With 3-4 different sizes of leaf cutters, cut enough petals of each size to create a ring of each (20-25 each of the larger sizes and 10-15 each of the smaller sizes). The largest petals will be placed at the outermost edge of the flower.

4. While still pliant, curl the base of each leaf/petal around a tapered tool of some kind, like the end of a paintbrush, or by hand. The resulting leaf/petals will be slightly conical or tubular at the base, resembling a small calla lily.

5. When the disc and petals are dry, use royal icing to attach the first (outermost) ring of petals. Use the largest petal size and allow them to overlay the disc’s edge by about ¾”. Repeat the next two rings with successively smaller petals, leaving the center of the circle empty. Let the royal icing dry.

6. Ice each cake tier and enrobe in fondant.

7. Before stacking the tiers, use Black Shimmer Ribbons™ to create bold design elements. Measure the height of the 12” tier, and cut three strips approximately two inches longer than this. Evenly apply ribbons side by side with a light brush of water, up the side of the cake and over the top edge.

8. For the 10” tier, simply cut one ribbon in half and attach horizontally to the side of the cake, leaving a 3 ½ inch gap between them. This gap will accommodate the flower when finally assembled.

9. For the 8” tier, use three full ribbons. Carefully moisten the side of the cake to apply the three ribbons, spaced evenly to match the base layer. Tip: Do not affix to the top of the cake with water until you can determine where they will intersect. Allowing the loose ends of the ribbons on the top to fall and layer naturally, use an X-acto knife or scissors to cut them to form a point. When you are satisfied with their meeting point, use a small brush with water to finalize attachment. If your hands tend to be moist, the ribbon’s black shimmer colorant may with extended handling darken your fingertips slightly; take care to leave no fingerprints on the white fondant.

10. Stack and stabilize the tiers.

11. When you are ready to apply the flower—before or after delivery—align the flower on the 10” tier, evenly between the horizontal ribbons with a thin layer of buttercream. Use the empty center of the flower as a place to press the flower down without damaging the petals. Then fill in the center using icing to affix the remaining small petals.

12. Using a #8 plain round tube and white icing, pipe a beaded border around the base of each tier.

13. With the same tip, pipe simple straight vines and leaves along the center of each black ribbon, as shown.
Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz