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SIZE: ¼ sheet


Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with this elegant, shimmering cake!

1. A day ahead, use your Print On-Demand system to print a royalty-free dragon image using Lucks Standard Print-Ons® Sheets; seal in a bag until ready to use.

2. Roll out white fondant and slightly moisten with plain water. Apply the dragon image, and then cut fondant into the shape of a fan. Before the fondant dries, very carefully make impressions using a Wooden Rose Stick or the handle of a paint brush. This will give the appearance of folds in the fan.

3. Assemble and ice the cake in buttercream. 

4. Airbrush the cake with Lucks Red Airbrush Color and let dry. Re-brush the cake with Lucks Red Shimmer Airbrush Color.

5. Create the lantern shape using either cake scraps or cereal treats, and place on a small piece of parchment. Ice and smooth this form with white buttercream.

6. Carefully cover the lantern in overlapping Gold Shimmer Ribbons™ as shown. Tip: Cut strips into thirds before applying to the form, and trim with a ribbon insertion tool with the pointed blade or an X-ACTO type razor knife, AFTER applying to the form.

7. Refrigerate the lantern form.

8. Apply Black Shimmer Ribbons™ decorations along the center of the sides of the cake.

9. Mix red icing with Lucks Red Airbrush Color, gold icing with Egg Shade Airbrush Color, and black icing with Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color.

10. With a #10 plain round tube and red icing, pipe the bottom border.

11. With a #8 plain round tube and gold icing, pipe a beaded border around the bottom of theShimmer Ribbon™.

12. When lantern has thoroughly chilled, remove from parchment and place on the cake.

13. With the #8 tip and gold icing, pipe a small mound at the base of the lantern, a line across the juncture of the mound and the lantern, and a top for the lantern.

14. Using Lucks Gold Shimmer Airbrush Color, airbrush the gold border around the sides of the cake, as well as around the lantern, to give the appearance of glowing light.

15. Arrange the fondant fan below the lantern.

16. With the X-ACTO knife, cut a Gold Shimmer Ribbon™ into 5 or 6 pieces; cut these lengthwise into fringe. Apply these pieces to the mound of icing below the lantern. Tip: Make sure you lay down several layers of fringe, as the first layer will absorb the red airbrush color from the cake.

17. With a #4 plain round tube and black icing, pipe the fan handle, the simple frame border, and the Chinese characters as shown, or choose different characters.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz