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SIZE: Chocolate showpiece
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to advance

Here are several techniques you can use to enhance any chocolate showpiece. Just a little bit of creativity can add some color and pattern to any project.

1. To create the patterned effect on the base chocolate round and the back tear drop you will need a metal ring mold or a silicone noodle for casting. Choose your desired pattern and flip it with the shiny side down. Place ring mold over transfer sheet. Pour melted chocolate into the ring, ensuring it fills to the edges of the form. Let chocolate set.

2.  To create the fans, you will need to fill a small piping bag with melted chocolate. Take desired transfer sheet (Red Rose Array Transfer Sheet shown) and in a sweeping motion, pipe a fan shape directly on top of the transfer sheet. Let chocolate set.

3. To create small cylinders on top of the chocolates, you will need to cut 1 ½ inch strips from the desired transfer sheet. Apply melted chocolate to each piece. Roll the acetate into a cylinder and secure with clear tape. Let chocolate set.

4. Remove all acetate from chocolate pieces. Be sure to wear plastic gloves to prevent finger prints. Using these techniques, you can add a touch of color and pattern to any chocolate showpiece. This particular one has cupped gum paste flowers and curved gum paste pieces. Small chocolates in any shape can be jazzed up with a single small cylinder of chocolate. Your imagination is your limitation.

Decorating idea by Chef Mary A. Moy-Hochstetler