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SIZE: 12” square cake, 10” round cake, 8” round cake and 6” round cake
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to advanced

In the world of cake decorating, we have to utilize the tools we have for a multitude of tasks. Cutters and Edible Transfer Sheets can transform any cake into a showpiece. In this design, the white cupped flowers and chocolate petal flowers use the same cutter to get different looks.

1. Cover all four tiers with dark chocolate fondant.

2. The first application uses The Elegant Flower cutter. Cut full flowers and cup them in half ball molds and allow them dry. Use the single petal cutter and cut six individual petals per cupped flower. Place single petals in a curved flower former. Allow these to dry.

3.  To create chocolate flowers, melt dark chocolate. Choose an Edible Transfer Sheet pattern desired for application. Taking the melted chocolate, apply a thin layer to transfer sheet. Allow to set but not too firm.

4. Using the same cutter for previous flowers, press into slightly set chocolate. Repeat until entire sheet has been embossed with the cutter.

5. After the chocolate has set, each petal should peel away easily revealing the design in the reverse side. Fill a small piping bag with melted chocolate and assemble flowers from the center out.

6. To assemble the white flowers, pipe a marble size portion of royal icing in the middle of the cupped flower. Arrange six individual petals in the center of the cupped flower. Allow to dry. Attach flowers to the cake using royal icing.

Decorating idea by Chef Mary. A. Moy-Hochstetler