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SIZE: 8” round
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Moderate
Make this adorable circus-themed cake “pop” with a simple popcorn border!
1. Mix red and blue batches of White Vanilla fondant using Lucks Premium Gel Colors in Super Red and Sky Blue. 

2. Ice and cover the cake in blue fondant.

3. Affix one Circus Birthday Variety Pack Edible Image® decoration to the top of the cake. TIP: Use clear, potable alcohol to airbrush the top of the cake. This will allow the image to adhere without compromising the fondant’s finish.

4. Extrude or hand-roll red fondant rope to use as trim around the perimeter of the Edible Image®, as shown. 

5. Extrude or hand-roll red fondant rope, thicker than the trim used around the Edible Image®, to form a base border.

6. Attach all trim using clear, potable alcohol in an airbrush, as noted above. 

7. Create fondant popcorn by rolling quick, irregular rounds in an array of sizes. Cut small blossoms for the “popped” portion, and attach to rounds using a serrated cone tool from the Sculpting Tool Set. 

8. Use a fine, food-safe brush to paint the interiors of the popped blossoms with Golden Yellow Premium Gel Color.

9. Lightly airbrush popcorn using Egg Shade Premium Airbrush Color.

10. Attach popcorn to the cake with dabs of icing.
Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz