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SIZE: 7” and 6” round tiers
SKILL LEVEL: Moderate/Advanced

At least two days ahead:

1. Mix fondant colors:

a) Mix small batches of green, gold, light orange and pink fondant using gel colors mixed into white fondant. 

b) Mix a small batch of light brown fondant by mixing an approximate 2:1 ratio of white and chocolate fondant.

2. Create the circus lion by first building the head. Spear a ball of Styrofoam or cereal treats with a thick wooden skewer and cover the ball with light chocolate fondant. Allow the head to firm up or dry before attaching the facial features.

3. Form the torso with Styrofoam, cereal treats or cake scraps.

4. Make arms and legs by rolling fondant into large teardrop forms. Insert partial toothpicks into the wide ends (pointed end outward, to later receive the lion’s hands and feet), and then insert toothpicks into the narrow ends of the arms (to attach to the body). 

5. Press and nestle the body form into the legs, so that the legs conform to and support the body. TIP: Allow legs to dry over an edge of some sort: tissue box, Styrofoam dummy, canister, etc. Let all pieces dry.

At least one day ahead:

6. Cover the body with loose green fondant, as shown. Use light brown fondant to finish the bear’s facial features, and use dark brown fondant for eyes and nose. Extrude a long piece of orange fondant (or roll carefully by hand), and attach in coils around the face. All pieces should be adhered with gum glue. 

7. Create the hat and ruffled collar by thinly rolling a small portion of fondant, attaching one full strip of Designer Prints® decorations using a light application of water, and cutting:
a) The strip in half lengthwise. Gather this into a circle, bunching it as you would a fan. 
b) A cone shape. TIP: Search for party hat templates on the internet to plan this cut.
c) Allow these pieces to dry.

8. Make sugared cuffs by rolling four gold balls and pressing with a ball tool. Use clear piping gel to coat each one, and roll in clear sanding sugar. Attach to the ends of arms and legs with gum glue, as shown.

9. Make a lollipop by gluing two Dec-Ons® decorations together around a toothpick. Allow to dry.

10. Make cotton candy by rolling a white cone. Set aside. Create several small balls in pink, adhere in a large cluster using gum glue, coat in piping gel and roll in sanding sugar. Allow both pieces to set up before attaching to one another using gum glue.

11. Make simple hands using light brown fondant rolled into long teardrops and folded. Attach lollipop and cotton candy to each hand with gum glue. 

12. Make simple feet by rolling two red teardrops, as shown, and attaching to leg cuffs with gum blue. Embellish with small orange fondant balls. 

13. Attach arms to torso, using pre-placed toothpicks and royal icing or melted chocolate to stabilize.

The day of the event:

14. Ice the cakes, and attach Designer Prints™ decorations to each layer, as shown. 

15. Assemble the cake tiers.

16. Mix a small portion of blue icing. Pipe ruffled bottom borders on both tiers (white on the top tier, blue on the bottom) using a leaf tip.

17. Secure lion to top of cake using a skewer, connecting the body to the top tier.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz