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SIZE: 3 layers 4”, 2 layers 6” and 2 layers 8” round
SKILL LEVEL: Easy/moderate

Turn Designer Prints™ on end for a completely new look!

1.    Assemble and ice the cake.

2.    Measure finished height of each tier and cut to size one piece of Classic Lace Designer Prints™ decorations for the front of each tier.

3.    Repeat step 2 for the small top edge reveal of the bottom two tiers. Tip: cut these small pieces using 8” and 6” cardboards as a template, to make them rounded on either end. The shape will be akin to fat parentheses. Ensure that the edges meet cleanly.

4.    Apply Black Shimmer Ribbons™ decorations, circling around the Designer Prints™ on each layer, as shown.

5.    Cut one Shimmer Ribbon™ in half down the middle. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with this split strip, neatly framing the Designer Prints™ and overlapping the previously laid Shimmer Ribbons™.

6.    Pipe a mound of white icing on the top layer and cover with an assortment of Classic Blossoms, Classic Small Flowerette and Classic Blossom Charms decorations.

7.    With a #8 plain round tube and white icing, pipe bottom borders on the top two tiers.

8.    With a #8 tip and black icing tinted with Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color, pipe bottom border.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz