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Designer Prints™ decorations from Lucks easily add so much more to gum paste or fondant bows in your decorations.

1. It’s a good idea to practice your bow making technique with plain gum paste or fondant until you have that part perfected.  You can always re-roll your mistakes if you haven’t added colors or Designer Prints™ decorations yet.

2. Prepare your bow using the bow technique detailed on our bow technique page.

3. This cake shown is a 4” square.  Ice it and apply Classic Swirls Designer Prints™ decorations (Item #43818) or any Designer Print™ decoration of your choice to make your bow.  Wrap the remainder around the cakes or lay it across the tops of the cakes like ribbon.

4. Finish with your fancy gum paste bow.

Decorating Idea by: Kasia Wilk