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To make this cake you will need:

A quality Airbrush and Compressor Set to apply Lucks Gold Shimmer Airbrush Color.
Classic Swirls Designer Prints™ Decorations
Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color for coloring border icing
Lucks Black  Royal Icing Rose Variety Pack; airbrush with Gold Shimmer before applying to cake
#10 Plain Round Tube

There are several options for completing this cake depending on your skill level.  One option it to ice and decorate each tier separately and then stack the cake; another option is to ice and decorate each tier as you assemble the cake.  If you decorate the tiers as you assemble the cake, take care not to overspray your colors on the tier below.  A good tip to accomplish this is to spray only from the horizon upward on each tier.  Do not spray downwards.

This cake was finished with buttercream but it can also be done with rolled fondant.  If you are using fondant, be sure to moisten your fondant with a brush and plain water, or your airbrush and plain water.  Moisten just where you will be applying the Designer Print™ sheets, so that the moisture on the fondant will adhere the design.  If the cake is finished with buttercream only, be sure your buttercream is also moist  and has not formed a crust so the Designer Print™ decoration adheres to your buttercream.

This cake is a 10”round by 3” high, 8” round by 4” high, 6” round by 3” high and 5” round by 4” high.

Decorating Idea by: Kasia Wilk