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SIZE: 10” round

1. Mix or have on hand yellow (buttercream or non-dairy tinted with Lucks Lemon Yellow Liqua-Gel Color), or pre-colored whipped topping.

2. Take the cake from the freezer and let rest for just a few minutes, to allow the ice crystal to soften. Use this time to fill your pastry bag with yellow icing.

3. Apply Color Burst Variety Pack Edible Images on the side of the cake.  No extra water is needed to adhere Edible Images whipped/non-dairy icing.  Leave a small space between each edible image strip.

4.  Use a #104 rose petal tip and yellow icing to pipe on squiggly, flat borders around the top, bottom, and up the sides in between the edible images.

5. Use a #4 tip to write a message in yellow icing.


Decorating idea by Bobbijo Dalton